Show Supplies-Sheep & Goat

Weaver Leather has been working with leather since 1973. That's when founder, Harry Weaver handcrafted the first leather halter, in his two-man shoe and harness repair shop. Today, over 250 dedicated craftspeople are trained with over 35 years of experience as our guide. We apply our knowledge to every item we manufacture to bring you the best quality product at the best value.

The Difference is Truly in the Details. It's the way each stitch is precisely sewn for optimum durability and beauty. It's the way each thread is trimmed for a clean, finished look. It's the way each piece of hardware is chosen for its utility and great looks.

A Deep Commitment to Excellence. Everyone at Weaver Leather takes a personal sense of pride in their work to bring you beautiful, high-quality products that will be treasured for many years. We are deeply committed to the excellence of our work and the quality of our service, and go to great lengths to keep you a happy, satisfied Weaver customer.

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Goat Show Collar
Bling Brush
Whitening Shampoo
Poly Rope Sheep and Goat Halter
Goat Collar
Leather/Prong Goat Chain Collar
Mini Fluffer Comb
Goat Lead
ProDye Livestock Hair Dye Kit
Coconut Shampoo
Rope Sheep and Goat Halter with Snap
Goat Halter
Medicated Shampoo
ProHair 100
eZall Green Total Body Wash
Plastic Lamb Slicker Brush
Sheep & Goat Conditioning Spray
Weaver Foamer
Shedding Comb
Chain Goat Collar w/ Grip
Massage Brush
Sheep and Goat Underblanket
Conditioning Cream
Mild Shampoo
Plastic Goat Chain
Sheep and Goat Leg Wraps
Stierwalt ProFoam Grooming Mousse
Beaded Goat Collar
Fence Tie
Hide Lotion
ProCool Mesh Goat Blanket
ProCool Mesh Sheep Blanket
Roto Brush
Stierwalt ProWash Whitening Shampoo
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Conditioning Treatment
Degreasing Shampoo
Livestock Chamois
Patterned Spandex Lamb & Goat Tubes
Spandex Goat Tube
Spandex Lamb Tube
4-H Exhibitor Number Harness
Chain Goat Collar with Rubber Grip and Tracers
Cordura Sheep Blanket
Stierwalt ProWash Mild Foam Shampoo
Weaver Leather Brightening Shampoo for Livestock
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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