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Serving the animal health industry since 1941

Hoof & Horn Care

Electric Dehorner X30
image Electric Dehorner X30 Rhinehart
Sheep & Goat Footrot Shears
image Sheep & Goat Footrot Shears Saboten
Eze-Trim Footrot Shears
image Eze-Trim Footrot Shears Ideal
ExoTrim Hoof Trimmer
image ExoTrim Hoof Trimmer Premier 1
Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste
image Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste Dr. Naylor
Goat Hobble
image Goat Hobble Weaver Leather Livestock
ARS 140DXR Hoof Trimmer
image ARS 140DXR Hoof Trimmer ARS
Hoof Rot Shears
image Hoof Rot Shears Ideal
Curicyn Blood Stop Powder
image Curicyn Blood Stop Powder Curicyn
Goat Hoof and Coat Powder
image Goat Hoof and Coat Powder No Thrush