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Dog couch potato? Get the 100% all-natural dog health supplement guaranteed to get dogs moving and looking better faster 

Help turn back the clock with this all-natural nutritional dog supplement developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, who has over 25 years of veterinary practice experience and has been a dog owner for 45...Read More

Product Features

  • Veterinary developed health supplement to help dogs lose weight safely and naturally
  • Combats stiff and sore joints, chronic skin/ear problems, low energy and weight problems – no more couch potato!
  • See better movement within 14 days
  • Bottled in USA, USA owner
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Natural Product


Help turn back the clock with this all-natural nutritional dog supplement developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, who has over 25 years of veterinary practice experience and has been a dog owner for 45 years. Dr. Reilly discovered the right combination and concentration of 8 tasty USDA certified organic herbs, vitamin E and pharmaceutical-grade magnesium oxide to help safely and naturally address and manage the problems that cause joint pain and low energy so dogs can move and feel better in just 14 days!

The risk of obesity in dogs
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) the #1 nutritional problem for dogs is being overweight. This problem often leads to a host of other problems, including respiratory issues, circulation issues, joint pain, poor immune system, and a heartbreaking soreness all over the body.

HEIRO helps get dogs off the couch and back to being fit and healthy faster. Great for all breeds, sizes and ages, especially older dogs. 

Q. Can HEIRO help my dog lose weight?
A.  HEIRO has been shown to help dogs lose weight safely and naturally. Also helps dogs move better, run and play with vitality, and keep hair coat and skin healthy. HEIRO has been shown to get your old dog moving better and with less joint pain. 

Q. What will Dog HEIRO do for my dog?
A.  Dog HEIRO is part of a program providing proper diet, snacks and supplements that help dogs move more and comfortably so they can run and play with vitality again. The Dog HEIRO program also helps older dogs add muscle, lose fat and address joint problems. 

  • Within 14 days of starting Dog HEIRO, dog's energy will go way up. Dog will be more alert and bright. Dog will be more comfortable and able to get up more easily. The hair coat and skin will also improve.
  • By 30 days, dog’s body will start to change: a waist will start to appear if dog was overweight. 
  • By day 60, dog’s weight will start to decrease. Muscle will be added and insulin levels will start to normalize.
  • By day 90, dog’s weight will continue to improve and move further toward the goal. Energy and vitality will continue to be at high levels.
Q. Is Dog HEIRO safe?
A. Yes! Dog HEIRO is the most tested dog supplement in the country. Independent lab tests by a university show low levels of carbohydrates, sugar and fructan. Contains no fillers, lead, melamine, pesticide, drugs, salmonella or E. coli. Tested high in beneficial vitamin E and omega-3s. Gluten-free and no GMO ingredients.

Q. Is Dog HEIRO tasty?
A. You bet! Dogs love the tasty bacon flavor and will quickly eat it in the food. If feeding dry food, just add a little water to help the powder stick to food.

Directions: Under 25 lbs - 1 scoop (1/2 teaspoon) daily; 26-50 lbs - 2 scoops; 51-75 lbs - 3 scoops; 75+ lbs - 4 scoops. First Time Users - Double the dose for the first 7 days. Measuring scoop included. 

Tasty bacon flavored powder supplement contains USDA certified 100% organic herbs, including fenugreek, ocean kelp, blue-green spirulina algae, ginger, cinnamon, milk thistle and adaptogens reishi and eleuthero. Also contains per scoop 140 IU vitamin E, 13.77 mg magnesium oxide and MSM.  

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