Cydectin Cattle Pour-On Dewormer



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The industry's #1 selling pour-on deworming brand contains the active ingredient moxidectin, which controls 33 parasite species and stages while remaining dung beetle and earthworm friendly.

For treatment of infections and infestations due to internal and external parasites of beef and dairy cattle

For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, sucking and biting lice, mites and horn flies in beef and dairy cattle. Weatherproof formula allows for flexibili...Read More

Product Features

  • The only milbemycin cattle dewormer on the market
  • Weather-proof formula with purple dye to show which animals have been treated
  • Dung beetle and earthworm friendly!
  • Not for use in veal calves 


For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, sucking and biting lice, mites and horn flies in beef and dairy cattle. Weatherproof formula allows for flexibility to treat without the worry of the dewormer washing away.

Cattle parasites can cause a host of problems in cattle from reductions in milk production, reproductive performance and growth rate to increased disease susceptibility. This can occur even with subclinical infection when symptoms may not be noticeable. Researchers have estimated, without dewormers, cow-calf producers would sacrifice more than $165 per head in lost returns. Overall, for the entire beef production system, the impact of eliminating dewormers on break-even prices totaled $190 per head.

Provides broad-spectrum control which has been shown to result in increased weight gain and reduced pasture contamination. Shown to provide persistency against specific key species, including:

  • Brown stomach worm for 28 days
  • Lungworm for 42 days
  • Nodular worm for 28 days
  • Barber pole worm for 14 days

Better health means better production. So why not choose better parasite control? Cydectin Pour-On Dewormer kills key parasites that threaten your beef cattle and has little to no impact on beneficial dung beetles. Make a healthier choice for your herd. Choose Cydectin.

Dung beetles can...
  • Increase forage availability by quickly burying livestock feces
  • Bury up to 90% of manure on pasture in one week
  • Reduce parasite larvae by 90% and horn fly larvae by 95%
  • Improve aeration, water retention and root penetration by tunneling
Contains moxidectin (5mg/ml), part of the milbemycin chemical group and has a unique molecular structure. This structure allows for wide distribution in the fat, enabling extended activity to kill key parasites and protect from reinfection.

Dosage: 5 ml per 110 lbs body weight applied along the backline. No slaughter withdrawal, no milk discard period. Not for use in veal calves.

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