Royal Optimum Solution
Muscle, Joint & Arthritis for Dogs
Skin & Itch for Cats
Skin & Itch for Dogs
Teeth & Gums for Cats
Urinary Tract Irritations for Cats
BMD Soluble Powder
Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse
Joint & Hip Chews
LubriSyn HA A-HA Soothing Lip Balm
Multi-Vitamin Plus Probiotics and Enzymes Chews
Non-Probing Ear Cleaner (Earoxide)
Pill-Masker Paste
Sterile Eye Wash (Opticlear)
Duramycin 324 Soluble Powder Rx
Sulfadimethoxine Solution Rx
Sulfasol Soluble Powder Rx
LubriSyn HA Topical
Di-Methox 12.5% Solution Rx
L-S 50 Soluble Powder Rx
LinxMed-SP Soluble Powder Rx
PenAqua Sol-G Powder Rx
Di-Methox Soluble Powder Rx
Gallimycin PFC Rx
NeoMed 325 Soluble Powder Rx
Pennchlor 64 Soluble Powder Rx
SMZ-Med 454 Soluble Powder Rx
TetraMed 324 HCA Soluble Powder Rx
High Calorie Nutritional Gel
Relax & Calm Chews
Immune Support L-Lysine Supplement for Cats
Nutri-Stat High Calorie
Nutritional Supplement
Bovilis Coronavirus
Bolisorb Jr. Bolus
Callicrate Pro Bander
dac Breeders Excel
Farrier's Formula Double Strength Plus Joint
Component E-C with Tylan
Component E-S with Tylan
Component TE-G with Tylan
LPR Series Livestock
Pocket Reader
Neomycin Oral Solution Rx
Tank & Kettle Brush/Handle
WormX Plus 7 Way
Equioxx Chewable Tablets Rx
Feline WRM Clear
Pyrantel S Type C Medicated Feed
Skin and Itch
Tetra-Bac 324 Soluble Powder Rx
WRM Clear
Horse Logic Digestive + Daily Essentials Combo Daily Pack
Horse Logic Hoof + Daily Essentials Combo Daily Pack
Horse Logic Joint 6in1 + Daily Essentials Combo Daily Pack
Tea Tree Shampoo
Heave Ho
Lincomycin-Spectinomycin 50 Soluble Powder Rx
Agrimycin 343 Soluble Powder Rx
Dextrose 50% Sterile Solution
CLB (Cute Little Boot)
EquioPathics WRM Clear
PuriShield Barrier Spray
PuriShield Hydrogel
PuriShield Skin Spray
PuriShield Wound Spray
Rundown Patch
Animal Flathead
Chicken Harness
DentaMed Dental Wipes
DentaMed Toothpaste
Livestock Spray Concentrate
SleekEZ Grooming Tool
Fight Strong for Calf Stress
Fight Strong for Cow Stress
Fight Strong for Uterine Balance
Royal Powder 75
Sav-A-Caf Calf Health Supplement
Start Strong for Calves
Start Strong for Fresh Cows
Stay Strong for Dairy Calves
Ampicillin Injectable Rx
Country Vet Farmgard Permethrin Concentrate
Ivermectin Cattle/Swine Injection
Imrestor Injection Rx
Earth Friendly Fountain
840 EID Tag
Floating Tank De-Icer
Guard for Plastic Tanks
HandsOn Grooming Gloves
Edgewater II Boot
Muckster II Boot
PolyMast Rx
Digital Weigh System
M10 110V Energizer
Nursing Bottle Brush
for Cordless Drill
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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