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Since 1992, Figuerola has been creating products specifically designed to improve your horse's quality of life. Figuerola understands the joy of breeding and training beautiful horses, and whether it is for the arena or the trail, these equine supplements will keep your horse healthy and active throughout its lifetime. Figuerola's therapeutic supplements target specific ailments, such as laminitis, suspensory damage, digestive issues and stress. Each formula is made with the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients, free of fillers and added sugars. It's all part of FIGUEROLA's commitment to providing the best possible supplements for proper balanced nutrition, keeping your horse active and healthy.

Find the Figuerola product that best suits your horse's unique nutritional needs right here.

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JointSaver RX Joint Supplement for Horses
image JointSaver RX Joint Supplement for Horses FIGUEROLA
LaminaSaver Everyday Control for Horses
image LaminaSaver Everyday Control for Horses FIGUEROLA
RelaxSaver Supplement for Horses
image RelaxSaver Supplement for Horses FIGUEROLA