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Equine Medical and Surgical Assoc.

Equine Medical and Surgical Assoc.

Equine Medical & Surgical/ HEIRO, Health-E, HEAVE-HO, HAPP-E-MARE

Equine Medical & Surgical Associates’ goal is to provide the finest care to its clients and considerate, straightforward communication with equine owners. If you have a question about HEIRO laminitis supplement for horses or Health-E vitamin E supplement, Equine Medical & Surgical Associates will promptly provide answers.

Health-E and HEIRO equine supplements were developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, to help horses get back to being their best. Health-E resulted from a desire to provide senior horses and horses with neurological issues high levels of vitamin E to help get them back to peak performance faster.

HEIRO horse laminitis supplement was created to help the rapidly growing number of horses suffering from laminitis and insulin resistance. After hundreds of insulin tests, Dr. Reilly discovered the right combination and concentration of organicals to make horses more comfortable and help get them back to grass pasture where they were born to graze and play.

HEIRO is also available in a tasty, bacon flavored formula specifically for dogs called Dog HEIRO. Learn more.

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