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dac Probiotic Paste

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* Contains a supplemental source of live microorganisms for cattle and horses
* All-natural
* NASC member
* Made in the USA

dac Probiotic Paste – Microencapsulated paste contains a supplemental source of live (viable) microorganisms for cattle and horses.

Contains dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dextrose, soy oil, sodium aluminosilicate, coconut oil, apple flavoring, polysorbate tween 80 and potassium sorbate.

Directions: Administer between lower teeth and cheek as needed. Can be fed with fortified or unfortified grains. Fortified grains contain added vitamins and minerals. Foals – 5 cc; Mature horses – 10 cc; Cattle at birth, weaning and up to 400 lbs – 5 cc, Cattle 500-800 lbs – 10 cc, Mature cattle – 15 cc. Store in refrigerator. Use within 12 months of purchase.

Money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

Made in the USA.

What makes dac Probiotic Paste different?
Probiotics These natural additives help maintain the correct balance of microflora in the hindgut of the horse to support healthy digestive function.

Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria – live lactic acid-producing bacteria may potentially improve health and performance. The observed benefits may result from: 1) competition against disease causing bacteria for attachment sites in the digestive tract, 2) competition against disease causing bacteria for essential nutrients, 3) production of antimicrobial substances, 4) increasing the growth of beneficial bacteria and 5) stimulating the immune system.

Microencapsulation – providing probiotic living cells with a physical barrier against adverse external conditions is important to ensure optimal usage by the host. Encapsulation tends to stabilize cells, potentially enhancing their viability and stability in the production, storage and handling of lactic cultures. Encapsulation occurs naturally when bacterial cells grow and produce exo-polysaccharides. The microbial cells are entrapped within their own secretions that act as a protective structure or a capsule, reducing the permeability of material through the capsule and therefore less exposed to adverse environmental factors. Many lactic acid bacteria synthesize exo-polysaccharides, but they produce insufficient exopolysaccharides to be able to encapsulate themselves fully.

Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
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195-196 60 cc 810006840810 PROP         1  
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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