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T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant
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T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant

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* Aids in prevention of mastitis infections caused by bacterial migration into teat canal
* Helping dairymen win the battle against mastitis-causing organisms during the dry period for over 10 years
* Economical – low drip means less waste on the parlor floor
* Excellent adhesion qualities – provides adherence to teat for up to 7 days

T Hexx Dry Teat Sealant is an alcohol-based teat protection dip that sanitizes and seals the teat canal for 3-7 days. Uniform barrier protects teat from bacteria migration by assisting natural keratin plug to protect quarter. Coating dries and securely plugs teat opening. Easy to use; safe for herd and herdsmen. Excellent for use during drying-off and pre-calving periods when the potential for coliform infections is at its highest. T-Hexx is a cosmetic-grade polymer that adheres to the teat for up to 7 days depending on bedding and environment. Water-resistant – will not run off when exposed to urine, manure, rain or other environmental conditions, ensuring the best coverage during the most crucial dry and pre-calving periods. Thick, patented formulation allows coating to tightly cling to bumps and crevices on outside of teat. Thin enough to be drawn up into canal, where it dries and securely plugs teat opening. Insoluble in milk – seals against leaking teats caused by a split end/or during pre-calving. Highly visible blue color – as long as product is visually covering teat opening, it is still effective.

Studies show that this sealant's barrier capacity and antimicrobial power has the ability not only to block out organisms as small as mycoplasma, but also to inhibit common mastitis causing organisms such as S. aureus and S. agalactiae. Studies prove that the triclosan and/or lactic acid used in this sealant effectively kills off mastitis-causing bacteria on contact while providing an excellent barrier against bacteria and fungi.

Clinical tests prove that T-Hexx Dry External Teat Sealant improves heifer milk quality. Even though they have never been milked, heifer teats begin to open two weeks prior to calving. Many dairies do not use the proper precautions when it comes to their heifers. As a result, it is more common that a first calf heifer freshens with a mastitis infection. Past studies have shown that 50% to 80% of the heifers have a low, mid or clinical case of mastitis at freshening. These infections could damage gland development and future productivity. Using T-Hexx Dry External Teat Sealant can help aid in the prevention of heifer infections, thus increasing the future profitability of the herd.

Contains triclosan, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial used widely in cosmetics and human health products. Apply immediately after dry-off, again 7-10 days prior to calving, and again 3-5 days prior to calving.

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