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Perfect Udder 3 Liter Colostrum Management System
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Perfect Udder 3 Liter Colostrum Management System

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* Pasteurize, store, rewarm and feed in a bio-secure, single-use bag!
* Choose Perfect Udder 3 liter bags for calves less than 66 lbs
* Designed and developed in the USA
* See 'Other Info' below for videos and more info

Perfect Udder 3 Liter Colostrum Management System Solution for handling colostrum from harvest to feeding without fear of re-contamination; allows colostrum to be pasteurized, refrigerated, frozen, reheated and fed through nipple or esophageal feeder all from the same container. Special heat conductive materials allow complete pasteurization and quick cooling and warming of product (pasteurizer/warmer not included). For best pasteurization results, use only with Perfect Udder pasteurizers by Dairy Tech, Inc.

Kit contains 50 3 liter colostrum bags, 3 complete nipple assemblies, nipple assembly tool and 3 esophageal feeder attachments.

Records and maintenance: Record date and time pasteurized colostrum was administered to each calf. Separate and clean nipple assembly and thoroughly clean tubes, inspect for rough edges and replace as needed.

Choose 3 liter kit for calf less than 66 lbs; 4 liter kit (see below) for calf over 66 lbs.

A 2 liter second feeding of colostrum within 8-12 hrs of birth is suggested (see 2 liter kit below). Handle in the same manner as initial feeding and record.


400 count require a UPS Special Handling Charge.

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Perfect Udder Colostrum Management System

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How to use the Perfect Udder Esophageal Feeding Tube

Convenient Perfect Udder Feeding System
Single-Use, No Cleanup, Bio-Secure and Ready When You Need It

The patented Perfect Udder Colostrum Management System is the key to proper colostrum management and to closing all gaps in colostrum management protocols. Created so dairymen can avoid the pitfalls of recontamination of quality colostrum, and to provide a feeding system that eliminates cleaning labor and the dangers of dirty vessels.

Uniquely designed metallic bag is robust enough to handle 2-4 quarts of colostrum, yet refined enough to permit pasteurization within the bag. Refrigeration, freezing and thawing are all steps that occur within the clean confines of the single-use bag. Perfect Udder system provides accessories to complete the job with little effort.

Easy colostrum management in all-in-one, bio-secure, easy-to-use, economical Perfect Udder bags:
1. Collect colostrum.
2. Heat-treat/pasteurize (at 140°F for 60 mins) colostrum in Perfect Udder bags, or in a pasteurizer before filling bags.
3. Refrigerate or freeze Perfect Udder bags filled with pasteurized colostrum.
4. Warm colostrum.
5. Feed colostrum by attaching nipple or esophageal tube to bag.

Bio-Secure Technology
• Patented bag technology allows heat exchange for proper pasteurization
• Rapid cooling prevents growth of spoilage bacteria
• Every colostrum bag is single-use: clean and correct dose
• Colostrum management kits come with new nipples and tubes every time to further improve bio-security

Save Time, Save Money
• Faster preparation, virtually no cleanup
• Improved calf and herd health, improved milk production
• Reduces calf morbidity and mortality

Easy Use and Cleanup
• Fill bag, pasteurize it, cool it, warm it and then feed...all from the bag
• Improve employee compliance by feeding one bag per calf, then discard without worries of proper cleaning
• Thaws and warms 4X faster than regular bottles, increasing the chance to get colostrum into newborn calves in a timely manner
Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
Per Each
Per Each
Per Each
670-2 Kit 654367667002 CB3-Kit-50         1  
670-21 3 ltr bags/50 659061701120 CB3-BagsOnly-50         1  
670-23 3 ltr bags/400 659061701113 CB3-400 Bulk         1  
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