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K-9 Arthroflex

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* Provides rapid symptomatic relief and helps prevent cartilage destruction
* The choice of police K-9 units from coast to coast
* All-natural
* Made in the USA

Equilife K-9 Arthroflex™ dog joint supplement helps stop the cycle of joint destruction, reduce inflammation and promote joint repair. All-natural, powder formula. See benefits within 10 days. Each tsp dose of Canine Arthroflex contains 1,095 mg New Zealand greenshell mussel (source of glucosamine), 724 mg chondroitin sulfate A, 50 mg d-calcium pantothenate, linseed meal which provides omega-3 fatty acids that act as antioxidants against free radicals, and stabilized rice bran for improved endurance in athletes. Directions: Feed daily; Small/Medium dogs – 1 tsp (small scoop), Large/Giant dogs – 1 Tbsp (large scoop). Can be fed with other supplements. Scoops enclosed. 1 lb = 50 large scoops or 135 small scoops.

Why greenshell mussel?
New Zealand greenshell mussel is the richest source of naturally occurring marine glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). GAGs are the principle lubricating components of cartilage, synovial fluid found in the joints and vitreous humor found within the eye.

Often referred to as the "glue of life," GAGs help hold together connective tissue such as collagen, tendons and ligaments. Numerous clinical studies have indicated GAGs stimulate repair of connective tissue cells, act as precursors for synthesis of new connective tissue and help prevent cartilage destruction.

New Zealand greenshell mussel is rich in amino acids (especially l-proline) and trace minerals, which are essential for all healthy connective tissue.

More Greenshell Mussel Facts
A native New Zealand shellfish, these jade colored mussels have been cultivated on longlines nestled in the idyllic coastlines of New Zealand. They are cultivated in their natural environment suspended in water columns with no artificial feeds, additives or chemicals, and are harvested by fishermen from the most pristine and unpolluted waters in the world.

All New Zealand shellfish producing waters are regularly monitored to the highest food safety standards of both the US FDA and New Zealand regulatory agencies.

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