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HEIRO Equine Insulin Resistance Product

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* Is this your horse?
  • Chronic sore feet
  • Laminitis
  • Elevated insulin levels
  • Rotated on X-ray
  • Can't be on pasture
  • Cresty neck
  • On Cushing's meds but still foot sore
  • Stays large on little food
  • Painful feet on hard or frozen ground
  • Founder history

* Helps fight laminar injury and stops foot pain caused by seasonal factors:
  • Spring – New grass
  • Summer – Heat
  • Fall – Frosty grass
  • Winter – Hard, frozen ground

* Safe • Certified • Natural
* Equine Wellness Magazine Approved

* Learn the signs of Insulin Resistance and see informative Product Videos in 'Other Info' below
* HEIRO Dealer DVDs feature testimonials, HEIRO study results, product and use information, and how HEIRO can help combat Insulin Resistance – details in 'Other Info' below

HEIRO: Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organical. Developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, to help the rapidly growing number of horses suffering from chronic sore feet with high insulin levels. After two years and hundreds of insulin tests, Dr. Reilly discovered the right combination and concentrations of organicals to make horses more comfortable and help get them back on grass pasture where they were born to graze and play. Contains USDA certified 100% organic herbs, magnesium and vitamin E in a great tasting powder blend. Dosage: Regular schedule - 1 Tablespoon daily mixed with feed in the morning. First time users or if foot sore - 1 Tablespoon twice daily for 10 days, then switch to regular schedule. Measuring scoop included.

Not for sale in NM

Reprinted with permission of Holistic Horse Magazine, www.holistichorse.com
Read Dr. Frank Reilly's article, "Double Trouble: Studies Point to Links Between COPD & IR" in Holistic Horse

Find more information about HEIRO here

HEIRO Dealer DVD features a continuous loop of this Play Video
video. 2 minutes 30 seconds run time.

HEIRO-HEAVE HO Duo Dealer DVD features a continuous loop of this Play Video
HEIRO video and this HEAVO HO video. 6 minutes 32 seconds run time.

HEIRO/HEAVE HO/Health-E Trio Dealer DVD features a continuous loop of thisPlay Video
HEIRO video , this HEAVO HO video and this Health-E video. 9 minutes and 49 seconds run time.

Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM and family with their Icelandic Horses.test

Helps fight laminar injury and foot pain to get your horse back on grass pasture faster
Heiro video by Dr. Reilly

Q: Why use HEIRO?
A: Elevated insulin is a major cause of laminar injury and foot pain. HEIRO helps control insulin to get your horse out of the stable and back on pasture faster.

Q: What is HEIRO?
A: The only veterinarian-developed, 100% all natural supplement using a blend of 8 tasty herbs, vitamin E and magnesium to help safely and naturally combat elevated insulin.

Q: Is HEIRO safe to feed to my horses?
A: Yes! Independent laboratory tests by university and commercial labs show low levels of fructan, sugar and starch levels. Contains no fillers, sugar additives, melamine, pesticides or drugs.

Money Back Guarantee! Try HEIRO Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organical as directed for 60 days. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, return the container and unused portion to the place of purchase for a full refund. You will be satisfied with HEIRO or your money back. Guaranteed!

Did you know?
Insulin resistance makes COPD breathing worse. COPD can increase laminitis events. Need to address both to help both. Discover HEIRO and HEAVE HO today. Safe, certified and effective.

Dr. Frank Reilly's "How to Test for Insulin Resistance in Your Horse" featured on HolisticHorse.com

Play Video
How to test a horse for Insulin Resistance
"I acquired a 13 year old mare that was overweight. She lived out on 25 acres of irrigated grass for nine years. She could barely walk and it was clear to see that she was very uncomfortable. I did some research and decided to go with the HEIRO. Best decision I ever made. My mare has not taken an off step since I added your product to her diet. She lives on pasture right now plus she gets a pound of grain every day. She looks great – no more sugar fat pockets on her normal looking neck and no heat in her hooves. My only regret is that I did not take before and after pictures of her to show how my mare's health changed for the better within 10 days. I love, love, love, love this product! I tell everyone about HEIRO. It does hold to its name. I would also like to thank the doctor who developed HEIRO for giving our fur children better health and well-being. Thank you."
Red Bluff, CA

"I acquired a 13 year old mare that was overweight. She lived out on 25 acres of irrigated grass for nine years. She could barely walk and it was clear to see that she was very uncomfortable. I did some research and decided to go with the HEIRO. Best decision I ever made. My mare has not taken an off step since I added your product to her diet. She lives on pasture right now plus she gets a pound of grain every day. She looks great – no more sugar fat pockets on her normal looking neck and no heat in her hooves. My only regret is that I did not take before and after pictures of her to show how my mare's health changed for the better within 10 days. I love, love, love, love this product! I tell everyone about HEIRO. It does hold to its name. I would also like to thank the doctor who developed HEIRO for giving our fur children better health and well-being. Thank you."
Red Bluff, CA

“I have to tell you I was skeptical that HEIRO would work on my Gypsy mare, but I was blown away by the difference in her after she was put on HEIRO for Insulin Resistance. Her crest softened significantly, her weight has been easier to maintain and she is coming into regular heat cycles, enough so we are attempting to breed her now. I only wish I had more pasture to put her on. Once again, thank you for saving my mare.”

“Highly recommend. I have tried many products over the last several years for a laminitic pony. Nothing came anywhere close to doing what this product accomplished. He is clearly so much better, it’s even hard for me to remember just how bad he had been, and for so long. The pained look in his eyes is gone, he lifts his feet for cleaning and trimming easily, he even canters and bucks in his paddock, and trots along when taken for walks. If you have a horse you’re thinking about using it for, give it a try! It will not be money wasted and the results…well for my little guy, he got his quality of life back. We saw a big difference in just a couple weeks. He’s been on it over 9 months now. I am so grateful I saw the ad. I have never taken the time to review a product before, but if anyone else has someone like my guy, I want them to give it a try. I never thought I’d see him like this again. Thank you for making this wonderful product available.”
J. M.,
Lexington, VA

“HEIRO is a great product at a great price. It has made a huge difference in my horse’s health, as his blood glucose is now normal. This is the second time I have ordered from you. I was very impressed with how quickly I received the product.”
Deborah M.
Buxton, ME

"I want to thank you for your HEIRO product as it has saved my Arabian mare's life. She grass foundered twice and really badly. I found HEIRO and used it for 6 months. She's sound, at 25 years old, and out on pasture for a limited time. I've told my horse friends about HEIRO, too. Thank you!"
Betty K.,

"I’d been having problems transitioning my horse, Jake, to grass in the spring. Even after numerous Insulin/Glucose tests and putting him on Thyroid, he was still having problems. I saw HEIRO in a magazine, but wasn’t sure if I should try it. Mostly I was concerned about its palatability and effectiveness. But the science I read behind the lab tests convinced me enough to try it. I gave Jake HEIRO for a month to see if that would help me transition him to grass in the evenings. Within two to three days I could see it was making a difference. Within ten days I was able to put Jake on full overnight grass turnout without any heat or pulse in his hooves. And I liked that HEIRO smelled so good! Jake had no issues eating it with his beet pulp and he’s doing well now. I will always have a container of HEIRO on me! It’s much more effective than any other product I have tried for Jake's situation."

"My pony, Blaze, has suffered from chronic foot pain for the last 16 months due to laminitis. I tried every affordable supplement with no change, and almost gave up on his quality of life. Then a friend told me about a product called HEIRO...I started Blaze on the loading dose, and less than 10 days later, he improved at least 75%. He now leaves his stall without me having to coax or lead him out. He even goes out into his paddock area to take care of his stall duties, instead of staying inside! His blue eyes are once again bright and he is beginning to exhibit interest in interacting with my gelding who is his pasture mate. When asked to pick up his feet for cleaning or farrier work before, we were met with stiff-kneed refusal, but over the last week, he readily gives his hooves and is relaxed. I truly have never written a testimonial about anything I have used with my four horses, but I can't pass up the chance to let everyone know how great this product is and how thankful I am to have found it. Blaze, I and everyone who has supported and helped us through this difficult time say a heartfelt THANK YOU."
Cheryl P.
Kingsland, TX

"I am a farrier and read about the product, HEIRO. I have a client that had an older foundered pony and told them that it wouldn't hurt to try this product. This little pony looked pitiful, was losing weight and just laid around all the time. She had been to the vet without any positive results. The customer took our advice and when we came back to trim her feet in 6 weeks, we could definitely see a positive difference. When we came back for the next trim in another 6 weeks, the pony didn't even look like the same pony. She had gained weight, was walking really well and was actually running in the pasture. She looked years and years younger. We have a few foundered ponies that were given to us and we are now ordering HEIRO to give to them."
Mike S.,

"My 18 year old Quarter Horse, Mic, has been insulin resistant for years. He foundered once and suffered many bouts of mild laminitis. He has been on all the other IR supplements, He is fed as sugar free a diet as possible. He wears a free-to-breathe grazing muzzle when he goes out and I use a farrier that specializes in founder rehab. I found HEIRO by doing a search on the internet. I have been giving it to Mic for over 3 months now and it is making him feel and look much, much better. He is not as crabby, is losing weight and walking better. Very happy with this supplement!"
Tanya, Satisfied Customer,

"My horse, Thunder, is insulin resistant. He foundered twice. He has had digestion issues and hoof issues for a number of years. One day my farrier mentioned HEIRO. She said another client was using it and had success. We had tried so many things, and it seemed nothing worked. I was beginning to feel like my horse was a guinea pig. But since I love him and always want the best for him, I bought a 30 day supply. Within a few days his manure went from cow plops to nice healthy horsey manure. After trying everything I was skeptical, but he has been on it for 4 months now...and every day since his manure has been great. His hooves have also improved. My farrier is really happy. He finally has conformity to his hooves. I can’t say enough about this product, HEIRO. It's wonderful!"
Susan S.,
Bridgeton, NJ

"The results over the past few weeks have been astounding! This is the soundest I've seen my pony in the past 3 years. I can definitely see my pony on this supplement for life. She's proof that HEIRO works. Thank you for your help!"
TB, Satisfied Customer

"I found HEIRO in a local tack shop. It sounded too good to be true, but I was desperate to find something to help my pony. I was giving him Bute and Banamine to help with the pain. Four days after seeing the vet I started him on HEIRO – 2 scoops for 10 days and now 1 scoop a day. It's a miracle! He can run, buck, rear and I'm going to start driving him this week. Last week I used him for pony rides at my niece's birthday party. You would never know he ever had a problem. I can't thank you enough."
Judy H.

"I have had a horse on this product for three years now, along with a low-starch diet, no grazing of spring or fall grass and limited hay. He was almost foundered when I found this product: Cresty neck, rotated on x-ray, abscesses, the works. I got him healthy and have continued to give him this supplement. I am proud to say he is healthy and I believe this product had a lot to do with it. Is it a cure all? Maybe not, but combined with proper nutrition, exercise and regular farrier visits, it is a practical solution."
Julie B.,
Nashville, TN

"Dr. Reilly: Hi. I just wanted to touch base with you. I did purchase the Heiro for my Cushing horse and also for my paint mare that is always foot sore without shoes. What a difference. I have been feeding the Heiro for about a month now and both horses act like they are yearlings again. I love this stuff. I have not been able to ride each horse for over two years. I can now ride them and I am eager to ride on the trails this spring. Thank you so much for a wonder product. I am so glad I saw your ad. This is my product of choice that actually does what it says it will do. My paint mare is walking around on hard frozen ground, it does not seem to bother her feet as much any more. What a relief to see my horses without pain and able to walk to their feed tubs. This is a remarkable turn of events. I have tried every product for her and Heiro is the only one that has worked for her sore feet. My Cushing's horse was so lame and laying down all the time, unable to walk, and was in such pain that we decided to put her down, but, instead, tried her on Heiro to give her another chance. Less than a week on Heiro she responded so well and started running around, kicking up her heels and you could tell she felt so much better and there was no way she would have to be put down. She does not even lay down any more and whinnys and bucks and runs out to the pasture. This is truly a blessing to see her do this since her life hung by a string. She is feeling like a youngster again. Your product saved her life and I thank you for this. I have had her since she was conceived and the thought of putting her down was heart wrenching. Your product gives her a chance to just hang out in the pasture and live out her days pain free. I don't care if I ever ride her, it is just wonderful to see her pain free and wanting to run around."
Linda, PA

"Dr. Reilly: I started my horse on Heiro this past fall. He is 22 years old and has had ringbone since he was 9. He has developed signs of early stages of Cushing's Disease and at the advice of my veterinarian I put him on Heiro. First of all I was truly amazed that I got a personal phone call asking about his health history and was offered suggestions for changes in his diet, treats, etc. I had read the info that came with the Heiro order and checked the website also. I can't even tell you how many different supplements I have tried over the years and never did I have someone follow-up to see if there were any changes since starting the supplement. We have just started our second 3-month container and I have taken him off any other supplements I was giving him (Chinese herbs, Equi-shine). He is doing fantastic. It has been a brutal winter here in WI but I have ridden him a few times and he feels great. He canters out to pasture after being stalled at night and when they are fed their "lunch" at noon he canters circles around until the hay is put down. He has no edema in his sheath area at all this winter and that has been an issue for years. It got so bad sometimes it looked like a cow's udder. His neck has slimmed down considerably and he looks healthy. We are using a slow feeder hay bag and he loves peanuts in the shell for a treat as well as the sugar-free peppermints. Celery didn't go over too well. I just want to thank you so much for having such a wonderful product and for being there for me."
Judie, WI

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