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Generator ELITE

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* Daily digestive supplement for ruminants provides high levels of microorganisms, including rumen/intestinal origin bacteria, live yeast, digestive enzymes and yeast cell walls
* Useful for rations containing low quality forage or high in soluble carbohydrates; designed especially for show calves, and ideal for calf starter and grower grain mixes
* Dry matter intake (DMI) x digestion = production (milk and meat)
* All-natural
* See a video testimonial for Generator™ ELITE in 'Other Info' below

Generator™ ELITE – Direct fed microbial for all ruminants such as high producing dairy cows, dry and transition cows, incoming feedlot steers, calves, lactating goats and sheep, during ration changes, and pre- and post-partum. Targets milk fed and weaning calves, and rumen development. Replaces beneficial digestive organisms. Features 9 species of live microbials – over 58 billion total CFUs per feeding; rumen propionibacteria; intestinal lactic acid producing bacteria; 25,000 units digestive enzymes (amylase, B glucanase, cellulase, hemicellulase, lipase, xylanase, protease); and yeast cell walls. Contains 50 billion live cell yeast per feeding, which produces enzymes and B vitamins to maintain feed intake during hot weather. Trials showed Generator ELITE dramatically improved growth rates of calves and could improve overall nutrient supply to the growing calf through better rumen development; net result: improved growth and body system functions (i.e. immunity).

Contains (min per lb) 1.6 trillion CFU live yeast count and 264 billion CFU live bacteria count.

Directions: Top-dress, mix in grain, soft feeds or total ration at following rates per head daily.

Dairy cattle - All component fed lactating cows: 1/2 oz; Lactating cows less than 70 lbs daily production and greater than 150 days in milk: 1/4 oz; Lactating cows greater than 70 lbs daily production or less than 150 days in milk: 1/2 oz; Transition cows (approximately 14 days pre-partum to 7 days post-partum) - 1 oz; Short-term production challenges - 1 oz for 7-10 days.

Milk fed and weaning calves - 1/8-1/6 oz fed with grain ration.

Growing cattle, adult beef cattle and small ruminants - 1/4 oz.

1/2 oz scoop enclosed.

Generator™ products: Get more out of ration and cows through all stages of production and all seasons
Propionibacteria convert lactic acid to propionate (energy), used by cow for production. Yeast supports lactate utilizing bacteria and pH sensitive fiber digesting bacteria. Intestinal lactic acid bacteria use undigested starch in small intestine, maintaining intestinal microbial balance. Generator products replenish beneficial microbials in rumen and intestine for overall digestion support.

50 lb bag will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer; please allow up to 10 days for delivery.
50 lb requires a UPS Special Handling Charge.

50 lb bag will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer; please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

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Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
Per Each
Per Each
Per Each
665-229 15 lb pouch 074452102292 GN-00229       18 4 1
665-226 50 lb bag 074452104454 GN-00225     54 1 2
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