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First Defense Tri-Shield

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* Only product that can go Beyond Vaccination to provide immediate and lasting immunity to newborn calves for Rotavirus, Coronavirus and K99+ E. coli
* Be a calf hero – go Beyond Vaccination
* One oral dose = immediate immunity
* Made in the USA

First Defense Tri-Shield Shown to be effective for passive immunity against K99+ E. coli, bovine Coronavirus and bovine Rotavirus when administered within 12 hours of birth. Aids in the reduction of mortality and morbidity from scours caused by K99+ E. coli and Coronavirus while also reducing the severity and duration of scours caused by Rotavirus. USDA-approved veterinary biologic. Gel tube eliminates the need for dam and calf-level scours vaccinations. One dose provides immediate immunity no need to stimulate immune response or follow-up with annual boosters. Guaranteed antibody levels in every dose all calves are equally protected. Can be administered with colostrum, without the delay some calf-level vaccines require. Delivery is targeted to liveborn and valued calves, maximizing return on investment. No dam-level vaccine means less stress on the dam, increasing her response rate to critical vaccines, clearing room in her vaccination schedule.

Directions: Do not delay colostrum. For best results, gel should be administered to calves orally within 12 hours after birth. Place tube tip at back of throat; squeeze entire tube contents into calf's mouth, ensuring calf swallows all gel.

Refrigerated item; cooler required for shipping.

Disease Description:
The cause of neonatal calf diarrhea/scours is complex, but K99+ E. coli, coronavirus and rotavirus have been found to be 3 of its most common causative agents. Diarrhea/scours has been shown to make an animal more susceptible to secondary enteric and respiratory diseases.

Mode of Action:
Antibodies allow for passive immunity as they rapidly bind and neutralize targeted pathogens in the GI tract. When delivered prior to gut closure, antibodies are also absorbed into the bloodstream. Antibody products are compatible with colostrum, do not require vaccine induced system stress or lag time. The antibody levels for each of the active ingredients in First Defense Tri-Shield (E. coli, coronavirus and rotavirus) are measured and guaranteed to meet levels proven effective in controlled animal trials.

Safety and Efficacy:
In newborn/neonatal calves, First Defense Tri-Shield is a one-time preventative treatment against K99+ E. coli, coronavirus and rotavirus diarrhea/scours causing pathogens. No allergic or other adverse reactions were observed.

Vaccination has been the traditional way to protect calves from scours. But, First Defense Tri-Shield breaks tradition, providing a better way.
7 reasons to break from tradition:

3 vs. 2 Anti-Pathogens
Immediate vs. Delayed
Comfortable vs. Stressed Calves and Cows
Targeted vs. Wasted Investment
Easy vs. Complicated Delivery
Guaranteed vs. Variable
Progressive vs. Traditional

Made in the USA.

Not for sale in AA, AE, AP

To ensure the quality of your refrigerated items, they will be shipped in an insulated container year-round (at an additional cost - see 'Important Refrigerated Item Add-Ons' below). Frozen cold packs are included in your insulated container. Refrigerated item orders placed Friday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday (excluding Monday holidays).

Important Refrigerated Item Add-Ons

Insulated Container/Frozen Cold Packs Required!
Keeps items protected for transport.
Shipping container/Cold Packs.............$3.95

Additonal frozen cold packs.......$1.00Optional

Shipped within the state of Ohio
Refrigerated item orders of $75+ receive FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY via UPS Ground Service.

Refrigerated item orders less than $75 are sent via UPS Ground Service for a $7.50 minimum order charge.

Shipped to AL, CT, DE, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WI, WV and most of GA, ME, MN and MO
Refrigerated item orders of $75+ receive FREE SECOND DAY DELIVERY via UPS Ground Service.

We will also ship your $75+ vaccine order UPS NEXT DAY AIR for $19.95 or UPS 2ND DAY AIR for $13.95. Please specify when ordering.

Refrigerated item orders less than $75 are sent via UPS Ground Service for a $7.50 minimum order charge.

We will also ship your less than $75 refrigerated item order UPS NEXT DAY AIR for $19.95 + $7.50 minimum order charge or UPS 2ND DAY AIR for $13.95 + $7.50 minimum order charge. Please specify when ordering.

Shipped to states in the 3-5 Day UPS Estimated Time In-Transit area
Refrigerated item orders of $75+ will be shipped UPS NEXT DAY AIR for $19.95 or UPS 2ND DAY AIR for $13.95. Please specify when ordering.

Refrigerated item orders less than $75 will be shipped UPS NEXT DAY AIR for $19.95 + $7.50 minimum order charge or UPS 2ND DAY AIR for $13.95 + $7.50 minimum order charge. Please specify when ordering.

Orders Shipped to AK, HI, PR, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
Orders must be shipped via UPS NEXT DAY AIR or UPS 2ND Day AIR with all charges paid by the customer.

We carefully pack your refrigerated items with frozen cold packs to preserve their effectiveness. If your cold pack is thawed when you receive it, don't be alarmed, this is normal. Simply refrigerate your items as soon as they arrive. Items requiring refrigeration are non-returnable.

Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
Per Each
Per Each
Per Each
223-70 1 dose 891836000056 7515         12  
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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