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* High-fat energy supplement – the perfect choice for hard keepers, top performance horses and seniors
* 50% fat in just an 8 oz daily dose
* Contains natural vitamin E and Equi-Jewel!
* Guaranteed by Kentucky Performance Products
* Made in the USA

Kentucky Performance Products EndurExtra – High fat, energy-dense supplement formulated for horses. Fat sources are highly digestible and palatable. Contains the powerful antioxidant, natural vitamin E. Unique blend of ingredients supports the additional nutrient demands of equine athletes, hard keepers and seniors.

Each 8 oz serving contains min 50% crude fat, min 2% lecithin and min 2,000 IU/lb vitamin E.

Directions: 4 oz twice daily mixed with daily ration. 4 oz scoop enclosed. 25 lbs = 50 day supply.

Made in the USA.

Why choose EndurExtra?
EndurExtra was specifically developed for horses who need more than a diet of hay and grain can provide. EndurExtra’s special blend of ingredients supports a hearty appetite, a desirable body weight, a robust immune system, and healthy muscle function. EndurExtra’s concentrated blend of readily digestible fats is supplemented at the low rate of 8 oz per day.

What makes EndurExtra different?
EndurExtra provides a combination of ingredients that support several critical systems in a horse: his digestive tract, immune system, and neuromuscular system. Supplementing with EndurExtra is taking a multi-pronged approach to maintaining a horse’s overall well-being.

Smaller meals benefit the GI tract:
When addressing the challenges facing hard-to-keep horses or horses under stress, one must support a healthy digestive tract. Horses with a healthy gut will have the appetite needed to consume the feed offered to them and the ability to efficiently utilize that feed. The fats found in EndurExtra contain 2.25 times as much energy as the carbohydrates found in grain. When feeding fat, one can reduce the size of a horse’s meal. Smaller meals pass through the digestive tract at a slower rate, which increases digestibility and reduces the risk of digestive upsets. To further support optimal digestibility and a hearty appetite, EndurExtra was formulated to contain direct-fed microbials that maintain proper GI tract balance. Addressing both meal size and microbial balance increases the odds that a horse will not only clean up each meal, but he or she will gain the most nourishment and energy possible from the diet.

Fat is an excellent energy source for horses:

Energy from fat is metabolized differently than carbohydrates and proteins are, and therefore affects a horse’s systems differently. Research trials conducted on exercising horses demonstrate that horses utilizing fat accumulate lower levels of lactic acid in their muscles. Lower lactic acid levels increase stamina and reduce muscle fatigue. Horses fed high-fat and high-fiber diets do not exhibit the glucose spikes that can cause excitability and metabolic disease. Horses fed fat remain focused while working, recover faster after work, and are less likely to develop muscle disorders.

Adequate antioxidants are important:
Demanding workloads and other stressful situations can increase more than energy requirements. Research has shown that horses in heavy exercise or those under stress often require additional antioxidant support. EndurExtra provides 1,000 IU of natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, in each 8 oz serving. By reducing oxidative stress, adequate antioxidant levels support healthy muscles, nerves and immune system.

• Contains 50% fat from several sources, such as stabilized rice bran, soybean oil and flaxseed
• Eliminates the need for excessive grain in the diet, reducing the incidence of digestive upset
• Proprietary blend of direct-fed microbials maintains normal digestive function and a hearty appetite
• Rich in natural vitamin E, EndurExtra supports healthy muscles and nerves and a robust immune system

Did you know?
Calories from fat deliver 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates and protein, meaning you can feed less.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If for any reason you are unhappy with Kentucky Performance Products supplements, simply send the unused product with a copy of your receipt/invoice to KPP for a refund.

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233-51 25 lbs 180434000231 635320       28 1 1

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