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Calm Shen

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* Helps dogs and cats maintain a normal disposition and cope with external stresses
* Great for behavioral problem management; may help curb destructive behavior by helping maintain calmness
* May reduce hyperactivity by promoting sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness
* All-natural
* NASC member
* Manufactured in the USA
* See the 'Other Info' tab for more information

Calm Shen cat and dog calming supplement from Herbsmith is an all-natural supplement that helps maintain calmness and balance behavior in pets. Ideal for the animal exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity and discontentment responding to environmentally induced stress. Herbs help maintain contentment during separation, travel, times of loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms, changes in the pet's daily routine or other situations that may cause anxiousness. For a more immediate, short-term calming supplement, July Third is recommended.

Contains raw rehmannia root, asparagus tuber, ophiopogon tuber, angelica tang kuei, schisandra fruit, biota seed, sour jujube seed, ginseng, scrophularia, salvia dan shen, poria, polygala and platycodon.
Powder Directions: Give twice daily; Cats - 1/4 tsp; Dogs under 15 lbs - 1/4 tsp; Dogs 15-30 lbs - 1/2 tsp; Dogs 31-80 lbs - 1 tsp; Dogs 81-120 lbs - 1-1/2 tsp; Dogs over 120 lbs - 2 tsp. 1/4 tsp scoop enclosed.
Tablet Directions: Give twice daily; Cats - 1/2 tab; Dogs under 15 lbs - 1/2 tab; Dogs 15-30 lbs - 1 tab; Dogs 31-80 lbs - 2 tabs; Dogs 81-120 lbs - 3 tabs; Dogs over 120 lbs - 4 tabs.

Not for use in pregnant animals. Not for use within 48 hrs of surgery/anesthesia or during diarrhea.

Manufactured in the USA.

Label Information for Calm Shen Tablets

Chinese Theory behind Calm Shen: Chinese theory considers anxious behavior to be a disharmony within the body. Herbs can be used to manage this issue. Herbsmith Calm Shen is a combination of Chinese herbs that calm the spirit and harmonize the heart and kidney while preserving the dog's unique vitality. In Chinese theory the heart not only pumps blood, but also houses the spirit and provides the ability to be settled in the world. In a healthy dog, the heart, a fire element (yang), and the kidney, a water element (yin), are balanced. Excessive emotional or physical stress and aging can diminish normal kidney function, which leads to the inability to control heart shen and subsequently allows nervousness to occur. Anxious behavior may also occur due to an imbalance of the heart itself. Any depletion of heart yin or blood may exhibit signs such as heat or agitation. The herbs in Herbsmith Calm Shen are specially combined to support normal kidney function and tonify heart yin and blood, thus calming the spirit.

Remember to sprinkle a pinch on your animal's feed at mealtime and gradually increase the quantity given each day until they eat a full dose without hesitation.

Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
Per Each
Per Each
Per Each
184-315 Powder, 75 gm 718122541690 7-1812254169-0         12  
184-310 Tabs, 90's 718122126552 7-1812212655-2         12  

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