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Biotin II 22X
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Biotin II 22X

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* Biotin, amino acids, trace minerals and direct fed microbials help maintain healthy hooves

Biotin II 22X is a combination of biotin, amino acids, trace minerals and direct fed microbials to help maintain healthy hooves in all classes of horses. Pellet supplement contains 22 mg biotin, 1,563 mg lysine, 1,895 mg methionine, 354 mg cystine, 782 mg sulfur, 15 mg copper, 1 mg selenium, 45 mg zinc, 50 mg manganese, 43 mg pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and 1 billion CFUs direct-fed microbials per oz. Dosage: Adult horses 900-1,100 lbs body weight – 3/4-1 oz twice daily for first 2-3 weeks; 3/4-1 oz daily as maintenance level. 5 lbs = about 80 servings.

Lysine, min5.5%/lb1563 mg/oz
Methionine, min6.7%/lb1895 mg/oz
Cystine, min1.25%/lb354 mg/oz
Sulfur, min2.76%/lb782 mg/oz
Copper, min550 ppm/lb15 mg/oz
Selenium, min35.2 ppm/lb 1 mg/oz
Zinc, min1590 ppm/lb45 mg/oz
Manganese, min1760 ppm/lb50 mg/oz
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6), min690 mg/lb43 mg/oz
Biotin, min352 mg/lb 22 mg/oz
Direct-fed microbials, min16 billion CFUs/lb1 billion CFUs/oz
#1 Industry Rated product!
Horse Journal,
July 1999

#1 Industry Rated product!
Horse Journal,
July 1999

Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
Per Each
Per Each
Per Each
322-5 5 lbs 816621005610 73160078       6 6 1
322-7 15 lbs 816621005634 73160084       17 1 1
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