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Best Friend Standard Grazing Muzzle
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Best Friend Standard Grazing Muzzle

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* Redesigned to fit better and last longer!
* Thicker, harder rubber bottom provides greater durability; lasts three times longer than other brands
* Added reinforcement for additional strength and durability
* Multiple rows of stitching and double layers of nylon webbing for strength and safety
* Extra band of webbing prevents ripping

Best Friend Standard Grazing Muzzle features a small opening at the bottom which allows horse limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water, to help prevent laminitis, founder and obesity. May also be used as a training tool to discourage nipping & cribbing. Safe, comfortable, lightweight muzzle resists rubbing & chafing and will not rot. Attaches to your leather or breakaway halter with 4 adjustable velcro straps, offering further breakaway capabilities.

Muzzle Size Height of Horse in Hands Weight of horse (lbs) Fits Standard & Cribbing Circum - Depth Deluxe Circum - Depth
Mini Mini n/a n/a Average size miniatures 16"x3"  
Mini Miniatures and foals 200-300 Larger miniatures, Shetlands and weanlings 18"x3½" 20"x5½"
Pony 12 & under 300-500 Most average size ponies and yearlings; very small faced horses 20"x4½" 22"x5¾"
Cob 13 & 14 500-800 Large ponies and small horses such as Morgans; horses with small faces such as Arabians 22"x5½" 24"x7"
Horse 15-16 800-1100 Average size horses such as Quarter horses 24"x6" 26"x7½"
"Id give up anything else before Id part with my (Best Friend) grazing muzzles. Very durable."
Beth Benard, Contributing Editor
Horse Journal, January 2011

"Id give up anything else before Id part with my (Best Friend) grazing muzzles. Very durable."
Beth Benard, Contributing Editor
Horse Journal, January 2011

The Best Friend Grazing Muzzle is GREAT. Dora can be on 24-hour turnout with her friend and doesn't have to spend her summer in a dry lot. I take it off of her for an hour in the a.m. and two or three hours in the p.m. and she's pretty much maintaining a good weight.
L.S., Rec equestrian

I've spent so much money on other muzzles, it's absurd. The Best Friend Grazing Muzzle lasts much better, and all I have to do is hose it off.
P.R.S., Williamsburg, VA

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Item # Size/Color UPC # MFR # Special Order Hazard Direct Ship FOB Weight Each Case Qty FOB Tier Order
Per Each
Per Each
Per Each
127-1 Mini-Mini 754888049308 BF10MMS         1  
127-3 Mini 754888042743 BF10S         1  
127-5 Pony 754888042736 BF09S         1  
127-7 Cob 754888042729 BF08S         1  
127-10 Horse 754888042712 BF07S         1  
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