Swine Supplies

Probios Dispersible Powder
Safe-Guard 0.5% Pellets
Orvus Paste Soap
Liquamycin LA-200
Agri-Mectin Cattle/Swine Injection
The It Bottle
Maxi-B 1000 Injectable
Penicillin G Injectable
Fortified Vitamin B Complex
Prima Heat Lamp
Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus
Tylan 50
SpectoGard Scour-Chek
Eco-Fast Digital Thermometer
Vetericyn Plus Pink Eye Spray
Dyne Livestock
Noromycin 300 LA
Pig Whips
Pig Face Brush
Heat Lamp
Bright Lights Whitening Shampoo
Safe-Guard Swine Scoop 1.8%
Smart Comb Fluffer
ClotIt Powder
Vitamins & Electrolytes
Duramycin 72-200
Ivomec Cattle/Swine Injection
Model CP13 Nipple Waterer
Bio-Mycin 200
Electrolytes Plus
Tetanus Antitoxin
J-Lube Powder
Model CP15 Nipple Waterer
Tetanus Toxoid Concentrate
Amino Acid Concentrate
Swine Conditioning Spray
Trim ‘N Go Cordless Trimmer
Champions Choice
Itchin' Post Grooming Pad
Noromectin Cattle/Swine Injection
Sterile Disposable Scalpel
Ultra 24 Milk Replacer
Ag-Tek Elastic Band Disposable Boots
Aspirin Bolus
Gravity Flow Nipple Connector Kit
Heated Flat Back Bucket
Stainless Steel Sinking De-Icer
Floating Tank De-Icer
LubriSyn HA+ Livestock
Non-Spermicidal Jelly
NurseAll Multi-Species Milk Replacer
Biotin 100 Powder
Dectomax Cattle/Swine Injection
Equine Aqua Comb
Show Shake
Ivermectin Cattle/Swine Injection
Nylon Dressing Comb
Smart Comb Stimulator
Vitamins & Electrolytes Concentrate
Appetite Express
Cellarator Turbo
Multi-Species Liquid B-12
Spurr's Big Fix Wound/Skin/Hoof Antiseptic
Swine Conditioner and Shine
Smart Sensation Brush
Formula 911
LevaMed Soluble Pig Wormer
Sudden Impact Swine
Essential Keep'n On
Galvanized De-Icer Guard
Wrapid-Cut Bandage Removal Instrument
eZall Green Fly Spray
Hill Rings
Iron Dextran-100
Professional Lube
Tylan 200
Whitening Shampoo
Heated Rubber Flatback Bucket
ProDye Livestock Hair Dye Kit
Revenge Fly Stick
Weaver Foamer
Ice-N-Easy Floating Tank De-Icer
Medi-Care Medicated Horse Shampoo
Pyrantel S Type C Medicated Feed
Show Pig Paste
Swine Nutri-Drench
Aluminum Sinking De-Icer
Cast Aluminum Multi-Use Utility De-Icer
Dairy Bomb 55
DEsect LP
Electric Fence Clip-On Warning Sign
eZall Green Total Body Wash
Flys-X Medicated Spray
Hanging Scale
ProHair 100
White Out
AI Rods
Country Vet Farmgard Permethrin Concentrate
Creep/Mineral Feeder
Flea and Tick Powder
Hog Heaven
In-Line Wire Strainer
Lamb & Pig Puller
Medicated Shampoo
Revenge Horse & Stable Fly Spray
Show Road Appetite Express +
Swine Prefer Iron Boost
Tampico Pig Brush
Universal Drain Plug De-Icer
Vitamins & Electrolytes
2-Hole Metal Baby Pig Feeder
Cup Waterer
Dually Hair Shedding Comb
Heavy-Duty Gate Handle
Lincomix Injectable
Mosquito Beater
Powder'Ful Hair Thickening Powder Spray
Respond Paste with Zymace
Screw-On Rod Insulator
Weaver Pre Show Bug Guard
Wrench Curve Nipple Waterer
AniPrin LQ-PM
Co-Ral Fly and Tick Spray
Fence Volt Meter & Fault Finder
Heavy Duty Stock Prod
Lincomycin 300 Injectable
Mo'Milk Feed Mix
Natural Stride
OB Lube
RespiSure One
Retroliter Hang Straight Heat Lamp Fixture
S10 Solar Energizer
S16 Solar Energizer
Stainless Steel Pail
Strainer Handle
Teflon Comb with Wood Handle
Vitamin A-D Injection
Aspirnfre Paste
Conditioning Cream
Ear Notcher
Fence and Earth Lead Set
Hide Ointment
Ingelvac CircoFLEX
Insulated Wire Strainer Kit
M30 110V Energizer
Massage Brush
Massage Brush
Mild Shampoo
Model CP14 Nipple Waterer
Needle Teeth Clippers
Neomycin Oral Solution Rx
Pig Face Brush with Wooden Handle
Pig Puller
Poly Wire
Pre Show
Rhini Shield TX4
Rice Root Brush
Round Creep Feeder
Sensation Curve Brush
Split Bolt Wire Connector
Staggered Bristle Roto Brush
Stierwalt ProWash Whitening Shampoo
Stock Prod Shaft
Turbo Braid
Vetericyn Super 7 Ultra
White Gate Handle
Bunge Gate
Circumvent PCV-M G2
Denagard Liquid Concentrate
Economy Pig Tooth Nipper
Elastic-Top Boots
Gallagher S100 Solar Energizer
Hair Savior
Heavy Duty Ground Rod Clamps
LubriSyn HA Topical
Matrix Solution
Model CP16 Nipple Waterer
NurseMate ASAP for Newborn Pigs
Porcelain Doughnut Insulator
Prima Marc Paint and Dye
Probios Feed Granules
Replamin Gel and Replamin Gel Plus
Revenge Barn & Stable Fly Spray
Ring Out Spray Concentrate
Roto Brush
Single Nursery Feeder
Tamy Hog Cream
Therio-gel Veterinary Lubricant
Tylan Soluble Powder Rx
Vital E-Repro Injection
Wood Post Claw Insulator
Baby Pig Heat Mat
Baby Pig Waterer
Bracket Offset with Plastic Pinlock Insulator 12 inch
Complete Blue Catheter
Conditioning Treatment
Corner Lag Insulator
Degreasing Shampoo
Digital Volt Meter
Digital Weigh System
Double Insulated Hard Cable
Ear Punch
Economy Reel
Elector PSP
Fence Energizer M360
Fluffer Comb
Gallagher S40 Solar Energizer
Heads Up Pig Whip
Heat Light
High Tensile Wire Cutter
In-Line Wire Tightener
Insulated Wire Strainer
L Joint Clamp Hex Nut
L Joint Clamp Wing Nut
Lepto Shield 5
LitterGuard LT-C
Livestock Sorting Paddle
Livestock Sorting Pole
Livestock Spray Concentrate
M160 110V Energizer
Milk Replacer Feeder
Multi-Purpose Insulator
Pig Face Brush with Pocket Clip
Poly Tape 1-1/2 inch
Porcelain Bullnose Strain Insulator
Rattle Paddle
Revenge Equine Fly Spray
S22 Solar Energizer
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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