Co-Flex Mixed Case Self Adhesive Bandage
Monoject Regular Luer Tip Syringe with Catheter Tip
Monoject Disposable Luer Lock Tip Syringes
Co-Flex Self Adhesive Bandage
Practical Cotton Roll
Monoject Disposable Poly Hub Needles
Stretch Gauze
BB Satin Star Standard Leg Wraps
Brown Cling Gauze
Lister Bandage Scissors
Monoject Disposable Luer Lock Tip Syringe & Needle Combo
Digital Thermometer
Telfa Dressing
Sharptemp V Large Animal Digital Thermometer
Allison Medical Disposable Syringes
Stall Bandages
Tuberculin Syringe w/Needle
Kerlix AMD Gauze Roll
Gamgee Padding
Mercury-Free Thermometer
Monoject Disposable Regular Luer Tip Syringe & Needle Combo
Sponge Gauze
Adhesive Tape
Disposable Luer Lock Tip Syringe & Needle Combo
Elastic Adhesive Bandage
PowerFlex No-Chew Bandage
Vetrap Bandaging Tape
Heated Poultry Drinker
Monoject Disposable Regular Luer Tip Syringes
Powerflex Camo ColorPack
Serious/Double Treatment Wound Care Kit
Slap-Shot II Vaccinator
Co-Flex Bulk Case Self Adhesive Bandage
Cattle Wrap Bandage
Alcohol 70%
Allison Medical Disposable Syringes
Arplex Syringes
Pro-Shot II Pistol Grip Syringe
New Weave Sponge Gauze
PetFlex Bandage
PowerFlex Print Bandage
IV Giving Set with Drip Chamber
Ideal Disposable Soft-Pack Luer Lock Tip Syringe & Needle Combo
Pistol Grip Syringe 50MR2
SyrFlex Cohesive Flexible Bandage
Ideal Disposable Aluminum Hub Needle
Monoject Disposable Aluminum Hub Needles
Elastikon Elastic Tape
ToxiBan Granules
Basic Equine First Aid Kit
Ideal Disposable Poly Hub Needles
Medium/Double Treatment Wound Care Kit
Rundown Patch
Small Trailering First Aid Kit
Automatic Bottle Top Syringe
CarePoint Regular Luer Tip Syringe with Catheter Tip
Monoject Blood Collection Tubes
PowerFlex Bandage
Prima Marc Paint and Dye
Digital Weigh System
Hauptner Syringe
Ideal D3 Detectable Needles
Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needle
Perivaginal Suture Tape
PowerFlex AFD Bandage
Prima-Shot Syringe
Sharpvet Hypodermic Needles
Umbilical Clamp
Brix Refractometer
Deltatrack Digital Thermometer
Equisport Wrap
Excede Adjustable Dose Injector
Freemartin Probe
Ideal Disposable Hard-Pack Luer Lock Tip Syringe & Needle Combo
Ideal Disposable Hard-Pack Regular Luer Tip Syringe & Needle Combo
Ivermectin Injector
Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer
Prima Marc BMV Vaccinator
Prima Tech Adjustable Dose Injector
Prima Tech Bottle-Mount Vaccinator
Small Barn First Aid Kit
Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU)
Ultra Precision Syringe
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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