All-Weather Quik Shot Livestock Marker
Duct Tape
Universal Total Tagger
E-Z Knife Tag Remover
Felt Tip Marking Pen
Tattoo Ink Paste
Multi-Loc Leg Bands
All-Weather HC Paintstik
Spiral Leg Bands
Z Tag Applicator
Tag Marker Pen
All-Weather Paintstik
Super Mark Pen
Z Tag Marking Pen
Standard Tattoo Outfit with Ear Release
Leather Neck Straps
Ring Fastener
Safety Ear Tag Removal Tool
UltraTagger Plus Applicator
Pro Grip II Universal Applicator
Tattoo Digits
Y-Tag Applicator
Ozzie's Leg Bands
Cow Neck Chain
Herky Tag
Tell Tail Marking Paint
UltraTagger Compact Applicator
Nylon Neck Strap
Poly Neck Chains
Tattoo Ink
Tattoo Ink Roll-On
Y-Tex Numbered Calf Y-Tag Ear Tags
EID Ultra Retract-O-Matic Tagger
Prima Glo Livestock Marking Paint
Revolving Head Tattoo Outfit
Y-Tex Blank Cow Y-Tag Ear Tags
ATag Applicator
Steel Ear Tags For Cattle
Y-Tex Numbered Cow Y-Tag Ear Tags
AgriTag Extra Male Studs
All-American Large Ear Tags
All-American Medium Ear Tags
Allflex Calf ATag
Allflex Cow ATag
Allflex Global Large Tags
Allflex Global Maxi Tags
Allflex Global Medium Tags
Allflex Global Sheep & Goat Tags
Allflex Global Small Round Tags
Allflex Global Tamperproof Hog Tags
Allflex Integra Hog Tags
AWR300 Stick Reader Kit
Commercial Hog Slapper Tattoo
DuFlex Extended Tags
DuFlex Extra Large Tags
DuFlex Extra Standard Studs
DuFlex Large Tags
DuFlex Medium Hog/Cattle Tags
DuFlex Standard Round Tag
Ear Tag Applicator
Extra Male Buttons
Global Retract-O-Matic Tagger
Hog Slapper Tattoo
Hog Slapper Tattoo Ink Box
Large AgriTags
LPR Series Livestock
Pocket Reader
Maxi AgriTags
Medium AgriTags
Nylon Neck Cords
Nylon Neck Tags
Prima Marc BMV Vaccinator
Prima Marc Paint and Dye
Prima Spray-On Livestock Marking Dye
Rotary Tattoo Outfit
RS420 Cordless Stick Reader
Sheep Mini Tag
Swine Premise Tag
Swine Premise Tag
Tag Marking Ink
Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU)
Total Tagger+
USDA Hog Slap Tattoo Ink
Y-Tex Blank Calf Y-Tag Ear Tags
Z No-Snag Calf Tags
Z Tags Laser-Printed Tags
Z-2 Tag Applicator
Z1 No-Snag Calf Tags
Z1 No-Snag Cow Tags
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