Calving Supplies

Dyne Livestock
Dry Guy Waterproofing
Prima Heat Lamp
Eco-Fast Digital Thermometer
Colostrum Supplement
Calf Scour Bolus
Sharplex Castration Rings
Weigh Tapes
Screw-On Nursing Bottle
Calf Drencher
Calf Weaner
Eazi-Breed CIDR for Cattle
NurseAll Multi-Species Milk Replacer
Non-Spermicidal Jelly
Oral Calf Feeder
J-Lube Powder
Nurser Bottle with Screw-On Nipple
Spiked Calf Weaner
Calf Suckle Bottle
Colostrx CR Colostrum Replacer
First Defense Technology Concentrate
Lamb Suckle Bottle
Easy-On Calf Nipple
Oral Calf Feeder
QuietWean Calf Weaner
NurseMate ASAP with Immu-PRIME Colostrum Supplement for Calves
Bottle Holder
Calf Nurser Bottle
Disposable Plastic Shoulder Length Gloves
Hanging Scale
Calf Weigh Sling
E-Z Nurse Screw-On Bottle/Nipple/Ring Set
Formula 911
OB Chains
Peach Teats
Professional Lube
Crown Weaning Ring
AmproMed Oral Solution for Calves
Kamar Heatmount Detectors
NurseMate 50 Colostrum Supplement with Immu-PRIME
Vetericyn Super 7 Ultra
Winter Calf Coat
All Purpose Lubricant
Dry Start Feed Bottle
EPIC Calf Electrolyte
Kant-Suk Calf Weaner
LIFELINE Nourish Colostrum Replacer
Oral Bottle Feeder
Pro Calf Blanket
Propylene Advantage
Tell Tail Marking Paint
TheraCaf Plus
Calf Nursing Pail
Calf Scale Weigh Tape
Corid 1.25% Crumbles
Labelvage Drench Gun
O.B. Handle
OB Chains
Stainless Steel OB Chains
Therio-gel Veterinary Lubricant
Tri-Pectate Caps
Twin-Taper Unslit Insert Sheaths
Blue Ribbon Anti-Diarrheal Boluses
BlueLite ReplenishM for Calves
Bovine Easy Drencher
Calf Blanket
Calf Bottle
Calf Maid Bottle
Clean-Up II Pour-On
Colostrum Plus
Estrotect Breeding Indicators
First Defense Tri-Shield
Lamb Resuscitator Kit
Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacement for Calves
Mark-Her Marking Paint
Milk Bar Bottle Nipple
OB Lube
Peach Teats Nurser Bottle
Plastic Dispensing Bottle
PolySleeve OBSleeves
Qualostrum Colostrum Replacer
Ratchet Style Calf Puller
Revenge POUR-ON
Spiral Catheters
Stallion 3-Lamb Bucket
Tomcat Rough Cut Bait Nuggets
Ultra Start 150 Plus
All-2-Mate Insemination Gun
Bess Screw-On Nursing Bottle with Nipple
Copasure Cattle Boluses
Dr. Frank's Calf Puller
DuraFense Calf Paste
Immu-PRIME for Calves
Lyss OB Wire Handle
Milk Bar Feeders
Milk Bar Portable Feeders
OB Wire Saw
ParturX Paste
Peach Teats Calf Feeder
Peach Teats Large Flange
Royal Uterine Capsules
Snap-On Nursing Bottle
Standard Infusion Tubes
Sx Calf Oral Electrolyte
Vital E-Repro Injection
'O' Gener-Cap Capsules for Calves
'O' QuadriCal Mini Boluses
'O'K Milk Additive
1/2 ml Slit Sheaths
Advance Rite Start Complete
AI Sheath and Gun Coveralls
Amplimune Immunostimulant
Attain Calf Supplement
Bess Bottle Nipple Insert
Bess Bottle Screw-On Ring Cap
Bess Metal Bottle Holder
Bess Screw-On Nipple with Insert
Bess Screw-On Nursing Bottle Only
Bess Snap-On Nipple with Insert
Bess Snap-On Nursing Bottle Only
Bess Snap-On Nursing Bottle with Nipple
Bolisorb Boluses
BOS Lower Leg Splint
Braided Umbilical Tape
Brix Refractometer
Calf Bottle with Snap-On Nipple
Calf Byceps 'B'
Calf Care
Calf Ear Muffs
Calf preRD
Calf Renova
Calf Resuscitator Kit
Calf Saver
Calf's Choice Total Colostrum Gold
Calf's Choice Total Colostrum HiCal
Calf-Ally Rite Start Complete
Calf-EZE Fetal Extractor
Callicrate Pro Bander Bloodless Castrator with Cutter
Callicrate Wee Bander
Cito Artificial Insemination Kit
Cito Straw Cutter
Cito Straw Tweezers
Cito Thaw Unit
Colostrum Bolus Forte
CryptoPro Calf Vaccine
Dairy Herd Monitor
Dairy Young Stock Monitor
Detect-Her Spray
Disposable Plastic Wrist Length Gloves
Disposable Shoulder Length Ungloves
Drilled Infusion Tube
Dual-Force First Defense Gel
DuraLyte Calf Paste
DuraMate Calf Paste
DuraZyme Maximum Strength Calf Paste
EPIC Newborn Calf Immune Support
EstroPLAN Solution Rx
Fertify Supplement
Fight Strong for Calf Stress
Fight Strong for Uterine Balance
Floating Teat XL
Freemartin Probe
Gener-Cap Capsules for Calves
Gener-K Milk/Milk Replacer Additive
Generator ELITE
Generator ULTRA Farm Pack
Generator WS Milk/Milk Replacer Additive
Golden Pig Catheters
GONAbreed Solution Rx
Intrauterine Catheter Combo
LIFELINE Intervene
LIFELINE Protect Colostrum Supplement
Mail-In Diagnostic Test
Major Majic
Milk Bar Lamb/Kid Feeders
Multi-Lac Multi-Species Milk Replacer
Neonorm Calf
NurseMate 100 Colostrum Replacer with Immu-PRIME
NurseMate Plus 150 Colostrum Replacer with Immu-PRIME
Nutra-Start Kid Milk Replacer
Nylon OB Straps
Optimum UterFlush
Oxford Ag Colostrum100 Supplement
Oxford Ag Colostrum150 Replacer
Oxford Ag Electrolyte Premium Solution
Ozzie's No-Curl Stickers
Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer
Peach Teats 1-Calf Bucket
Peach Teats 5-Calf Open Feeder
Peach Teats EZ Fit Adapter
Perfect Udder 3 Liter Colostrum Management System
Perfect Udder 4 Liter Colostrum Management System
Perfect Udder Bag Funnel Kit
Perfect Udder Big Caddie
with Strap
Perfect Udder Esophageal Feed Tubes
Plastic Probe with Cap and Clamp
Professional Breeding Kit
PureStart Colostrum
Pushed Sani-Pak Unslit Insert Sheaths
Pushed Slit Insert Sheaths
Pushed Unslit Insert Sheaths
QuadriCal Boluses
Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test
Ratch-A-Pull Calf Puller
Royal Powder 75
Sani-Shield Protectors
Sav-A-Caf Calf Health Supplement
Save-A-Calf Snare
Scrotal Tape
Semen Bottles
Sheath Holder
Sheath Protector
SmartCare Natural Antioxidant Formula
Speedy Drencher 3-Speed Calf Drencher
Stallion 5-Lamb Straight Feeder
Stallion Calf Feeder
Stallion Compartment Feeder
Start Strong for Calves
Start Strong for Fresh Cows
Stay Strong for Dairy Calves
Sterile Drilled Infusion Tubes
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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