Revenge Barn & Stable Fly Spray
Revenge Horse & Stable Fly Spray
HealthyCoat for Goats
DEsect LP
M120 110V Energizer
M160 110V Energizer
M30 110V Energizer
M60 110V Energizer
Biotin 100 Powder
'O' Cal-D Caps
'O' Gener-Cap Capsules for Calves
'O' QuadriCal Mini Boluses
'O' RumenAider Cattle Capsules
'O'K Milk Additive
Cal-D Caps
Calf Byceps 'B'
Gener-Cap Capsules for Calves
Gener-K Milk/Milk Replacer Additive
Generator ELITE
Generator ULTRA Farm Pack
Generator WS Milk/Milk Replacer Additive
ParturX Paste
QuadriCal Boluses
RumenAider Cattle Capsules
Poultry Grit and Chick Grit with Probiotics
Sx Oral Electrolyte
Stainless Steel Pail
Strike III Natural
Hanging Scale
Epic Calf Electrolyte
Organic Nesting Herbs
DuraStat with Oregano
Layer Boost with Omega-3
Probiotics Daily
Pyranha Stock Guard Concentrate
Vitamins & Electrolytes
Synovex One Feedlot Implants
Synovex One Grass Implants
Corid 1.25% Crumbles
ABC Relief
Arnica Ointment
Comfy Cream
D Plus Relief
De-Lice & Mange
Foot Fix Spray
Milking Comfort
Savvy Udder Salve
Savvy Wound Salve
Shoo-Fly Concentrate
Shoo-Fly Spray
Udderly Soft
Pyranha Nulli-Fly
Royal Optimum Solution
BMD Soluble Powder
Duramycin 324 Soluble Powder Rx
Sulfadimethoxine Solution Rx
Sulfasol Soluble Powder Rx
LubriSyn HA Topical
Di-Methox 12.5% Solution Rx
L-S 50 Soluble Powder Rx
LinxMed-SP Soluble Powder Rx
PenAqua Sol-G Powder Rx
Di-Methox Soluble Powder Rx
Gallimycin PFC Rx
NeoMed 325 Soluble Powder Rx
Pennchlor 64 Soluble Powder Rx
SMZ-Med 454 Soluble Powder Rx
TetraMed 324 HCA Soluble Powder Rx
Since 1941. Proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated animal health products distributors in the U.S.A.

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