Redmond Equine

Redmond Minerals, Inc.'s Core Values:

These four core values embody Redmond Minerals, Inc.'s culture, spirit and dedication to why they do what they do: Connection, Community, Experience and Quality. These values keep Redmond aligned and help them make decisions about everything from the way they do business to the products that they pursue.

Redmond's community is your community. They share a passion and understanding for horses. They believe they are improving life as they share their ideas, experiences and products with their community.

Redmond produces products they believe in. Products that cultivate a holistic balance in a horse. Redmond's products are horse-approved, and Redmond will always stand behind them. Guaranteed.

Redmond's Manifesto

"We ride to be one with nature.

Escape from the world.

Relieve stress and fill our soul.

Discover new places.

Connect with friends and family.

Learn, grow and find solitude.


Be free.

We ride because the bond between horse and human cannot be explained.

We ride because we live.

Why do you ride™?"

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