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Wahna Win

Winners use WAHNA WIN™!


Doug Schembri, world champion showman, breeder and renowned horseman for over 40 years, sought a product to alleviate skin problems. Over the years Doug tried various over-the-counter products until he discovered a home remedy that was much more effective on common skin conditions and ringworm that was always present on the Thoroughbred yearlings that arrived for conditioning from the Keeneland sale barns each fall.

Being a showman, Doug added and improved his home remedy until it served two purposes extremely well. It not only relieved itching, scratching and irritation, but with regular use it provided the show horse with a shiny, well-conditioned hair coat that was easier to groom and eliminated the need for other conditioning products. The horse had problem-free coat with a brilliant shine built right in.

Developed over many years through trial and error and used on hundreds of horses at Schembri's Char-O-Lot Ranch, WAHNA WIN was born.

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