EcoPlanet Environmental LLC.

EcoPlanet Environmental was founded from a passion for solving long-standing waste sterilization problems that have plagued the world. Their patented technology is the result of the work of world-reknown microbiologist Dr. Gary Strobel. Dr Strobel is recognized as the world's expert in Endophytics. Endophytics is the study of endophytes which are fungi that live in most plants and produce unique compounds whose purpose is to provide protection to their host plants. Known as "The Father of Endophytics," he has also been referred to as the "Indiana Jones of Fungus" by The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Strobel has traveled to over 80 countries in search of these unique organisms and their world-changing properties.  

It is commonly known that many species of plants have medicinal properties. Humans have been using numerous rare plants for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. However, there are ancient species of tropical plants that have existed much longer than other species due to their presence in ancient ecosystems. The unique properties of these plants are like no other and the symbiotic relationship which has developed between the plant and the fungus which lives inside these "survivors" have not been reproducible...until now.  

In 1999, Dr. Strobel found a number of unique plants which harbor fungi with many unique and powerful properties. After extensive research, he has isolated numerous molecules which have great benefit to mankind.

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