Dr. Sarah's Essentials

DR. Sarah's Essentials
Sarah Slaby, DVM, is a practicing large animal veterinarian located in Arcadia, Wisconsin. Dr. Slaby enjoys continually researching new ways to treat animals naturally and biologically, with the ultimate goal of providing families with wholesome and nutritious food.  

Dr. Slaby specializes in organic and sustainable agriculture, and has her own line of natural products for treating dairy cows: Dr. Sarah's Essentials. Dr. Slaby shares a holistic approach to her practice not only for her organic and biological clients, but for her conventional herds as well.  

Dr. Slaby is very dedicated to educating farmers on the advantages of sustainable agriculture. She is very passionate about animal health, environmental awareness and continuing the legacy of a profitable family farm. Dr. Slaby deeply believes that all of these goals can be accomplished through mineralizing and balancing the soil, feeding high quality, balanced forages, and boosting animal health and immunity through natural and biological treatments.  

FREE Vet Consult with Dr. Sarah Slaby, DVM Developer of Dr. Sarah's Essentials  

Discover how Dr. Sarah's Essentials natural products can help dairy cows – call today for a FREE Vet Consult with Dr. Sarah Slaby, DVM! Dr. Slaby developed and tested Dr. Sarah's Essentials to help aid in the prevention and treatment of many animal health conditions. If you have specific treatment questions before or after your purchase, please contact Dr. Slaby at 608-323-3005. As a veterinarian, Dr. Slaby is happy to answer your questions and recommend the best treatment protocol to get an animal on the road to good health.  

Call 608-323-3005 today for your FREE Vet Consult with Dr. Sarah Slaby, DVM.

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