Alltech is the title sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian GamesTM 2010 in Lexington and 2014 in Normandy. Heralded as a leading global animal health company, Alltech's natural products and solutions for equine health are proven, reliable and fully traceable. Alltech has set the standard in animal nutrition by providing scientifically proven nutrients for equine feeds for over 30 years. Alltech has a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the health and performance of all horses by adding nutritional value to their diets.

Alltech's commitment to quality
Quality, safety and consistency are top priorities in everything Alltech does. To make sure the products consistently meet the highest internationally recognized standards, Alltech developed a series of stringent quality controls in which all Alltech facilities are subject to rigorous standards, with detailed written quality and traceable systems in place. Because of this, Alltech's global manufacturing facilities not only meet but exceed local, regional and international standards for production.

Combining Alltech's top proprietary technologies, LIFEFORCE is an essential daily means of maintaining a healthy horse. Developed to benefit horses in every stage of life, from breeding stock to pleasure and performance animals. Each LIFEFORCE product helps create a healthy digestive environment, promote nutrient absorption, support immune function and optimize performance.

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